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  Today, after a three-month hiatus, launched a full-scale penny auction! All products which are sold only $ 1. Now our auction will be working around the clock. While on a limited amount of stock and range of goods, but it is not nadolgo.Sotrudnichaya with major manufacturers of the goods, we will continuously increase the range.

    Good shopping!

The prize of $ 500

15 days celebrated the new mathematics in our project and we transfer $ 500 to the purse of our best companion cergeyk59.

He bought the short term positions at $ 1800, which is the best result in the project.

Each month Homsites plans to promote their business partners with cash prizes.



All registered before the end of September 2013 gift $ 15 (30 chips)!


All participants in the project (companions) who want to continue business in the project with the new math, until August 31 to be activated by transferring $ 10 from his wallet. After that, all the money and some positions will move into a new project.

   Does not lead to the activation of the complete nullification of the cabinet.

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