How much can you earn?

How much you can earn? Answer on this question consists of many reasons. First of all, from your trust to the project in which you participate. Second - from your character. And very important fact is what is your profession and education.

We will give examples few types of people:

“Lazy person” - puts 100$, buys them 20 seats (positions) for your banners and doesn’t want to do anything, except entering the site only for reinvest. After a month, lazy one will withdraw from his account almost 100% profits and spend for his needs (beside this, profit will accumulate).

Businessman” will withdraw his money from the account sometimes and buy new positions using reinvest and profit.

«Venturous person» will be always investing in project with the purpose of getting maximum profit. As well he will be buying counters for different drawers.

It is counted that if you will put 100$, profit will be growing until 5 years.

          Good luck in getting profit and combining three types of character in one!