What makes us different from others


"Homesites" is a dynamic project. Within one year we are planning to raise it to a higher level, and get profit

from selling  different household items and techniques for 1-2$ and earn percent from advertisers

and investors. And, believe me, all site participants will be interested in it.

We are not proposing "such thing as a free lunch", like majority sites and projects. We are not promising high

profit for a short period of time, we are making it step by step together. Our site has high level of protection

and you will never hear from us complain about hackers and sudden closure of the site. All information is renewing

every minute and saving on different servers, in order to avoid any work disruption.

If we would like to improve something in our site, we can do it in a few days instead of months.

We don't have any limits for money withdrawal, that's why our clients are not worried for future of their investments.