How to build a business
From the start of our project «Homsites», we offer you a free registration. You can just sign up and watch all the events that occur on the site through his office and on the news . We also have a direct link will work through the chat , in which all participants can share their opinions and experiences of successful transactions .

And who's here to make money , you are welcome. Put into her purse 10 cu by a transfer from any of the payment system , prescribed at the bottom of the site. With this money, you get 2 seats for the site (positions ), and your invited gets 5 cu referral , accounting for 50 % of the amount, and the remaining 5 cu get the project participants . Example: in the project and the 2- man and one 2nd position , the other third position , this means that one has earned 2 cu , cu second 3 Each participant in the project has bought a place in your banner ( position ) in the project derives profits 300%. That is, every 5 cu cu earn 20 and the withdrawal of money from the project , removed 20 % of the amount you have left and 16 cu , which is 300 % of the $ 5. These percentages are immediately redistributed among the participants. This is to ensure that the project would " breathe " if no longer invited to the project , the profit is still a little each will come . Upon reaching the purse amount of $ 20 , ( working off the same position ), it dies , and you can withdraw the money or buy another 4 and positions. When reaching for your wallet 5 cu , project participants can always buy more items , in order to increase profits.

In the derivation of your earnings and earnings from referrals project for the maintenance of the sites charge 3 % and    4 % - is spent on transfers of money in payment systems.

In the study it is possible to buy chips . One is 0.5 cu All registered Homsites project grants to 30 chips , that is, $ 15 gift Chips are essential when you are participating in an auction, where all products start at $ 1.

You can also make a referral link, bring your friends , in this case, we pay you 50 % of the investments referral.

You can project Homsites:

• Watch

• Making

• promote your site

• Making , inviting friends .

After the successful construction of our house «Homsites», we all get the opportunity to sell their seats advertisers , and a lot of money to be divided between the project participants.