About the project

I welcome you to our project «Homsites». Name - is not accidental,

This is truly a home of sites that you and I will build it. In the world there

No such project, the aim of which was to build a house or a single site , where the banners would be placed hundreds of advertisers.

We will not brainwash you matrices and binding invitations (you 'll strive to invite ) , as do the others who want to get rich quick , but after a few weeks or months to tell you stories about hackers attacking , technical failures or creating new services.

The project «Homsites» will give you a steady income from investments in the purchase of places

under the banner of your site ( products) and the ability to "roll out" or find new friends and customers in your business. It is up to us, all participants of the project depends on earnings.

Beginning in the 10th month of the project Homsites, we decided to update our mathematics earnings. After the restart , we will be the only one in the World Internet Project , which has no concept of a system crash or ruin ...

What will happen after the update ? Example, consider investing on a modest $ 50.

Having bought 10 positions (places under the banner ), and spending $ 50 , you start immediately in these positions earn. If you are a design led one , he immediately get yourself a purse of $ 25 , that is 50% of the referral , and all participants will earn the rest of the investment - $ 25. The money is evenly distributed among all the participants. And who would be more positions , and he will earn more . Details about the project , " How much can you earn"
The project «Homsites» is completely transparent to the displayed dialog "course" , you can always see the number of insertion and withdrawal of money per day .